Terms & Conditions

Basic Terms & Conditions for Customized projects

Customized script will not be eligible for an updated version: Clients should have a clear understanding of the difference between a customized script and a digital marketplace script. After purchasing the product from Envato, clients get a script from Envato account with present & future updates free of cost during the license period. According to Envato support policy, clients will get every offer & support provided by Envato. But after customizing a script, updates will not work because of the difference between the main script & customized script. If clients want any feature in the customized script which is in the new updated version then need to assign a developer to add features considered as customized work.

Feature Finalization:

Before starting a project, make sure the added feature is clear to both clients & the developer team. Every feature will be tested on the developer’s server. Midway of a project any changing in feature beyond agreement is strongly prohibited. In urgent cases changing or editing features beyond agreement is considered as “Extra work”. If “Extra work” demands more time & tasks then additional work will be chargeable. Third Party Integration: If any third party services need to be integrated (such as map, SMS, payment gateway, social media) the credentials for those services must be provided before starting development.


Advance Payment:
Initially, we ask for advance payment from our clients. Advance payment depends on project length, total payment or relation/faith of clients. The project task will start after completing advance payment and the project will host on the developer’s server for testing & checking updates.

Milestone works & payments:
We can divide (If needed) the total project into several parts of milestone for project proficiency then payment will be divided also. Milestone work depends on milestone payment. If any milestone of the project is interrupted, then the milestone of the project will terminate. In the same way, if any payment of milestones is interrupted (though the project is continuing), the milestone of the project will be terminated too. Milestone payment is important to run the project. Project completion & Payment: After testing the complete project by both the developer team and client project will be announced as a complete project. Clients have to check and re-check the project properly before closing the project. After completing the project it is mandatory to complete payment. The developer team will provide the script via email or will install the script to the client’s server (If clients agreed on quotes in the bill for server installation) after completing payment. Extra work & extra payment: If clients need to consolidate extra features beyond agreement then it will be chargeable and also will add the extra time of the project schedule.

Deadline & Payment:
Before starting a project, the developers and clients will agree on a project timeline. If a client wants a final project before the end of the time limit, extra payment will be added with the total amount. Warranty: After developing a project, developers give a warranty timeline. Clients can take support for a certain period of time. During the following provision if clients make any source code edits or other edits then the warranty will break and the previous warranty will not be applicable. If that client wants any support then will consider customized work and charge will be applicable.

Project Cancellation and adjustment policy:

If clients or developers need to cancel the project for feature misunderstanding or other reason, advance payment will be non-refundable. In some cases the project is yet to start but needs to be cancelled for a vital reason then payment can be adjusted with the same types of features. But after completing the project if clients do not like feature refunds will not be possible. In short, at any cost, a refund is impossible.